Mere Angne Mein 10th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Kaushalya Goes To Talk To Groom’s Family

Mere Angne Mein

A man tells that Amit should give money to him. Amit says first he has to see who is playing. He says he does not have much money. Man says i will give you money. Rani says he has to come with her as we will get lot of money. He asks how we will get money. She says we will get reward. She tells she has registered in best couple competition and we won that competition so we have to go and collect reward. Amit says from where you get all this and he does not have time. He cuts the phone. Shivam walks and he sees temple. He stops and gets in temple. A child looks at him. He folds his hand and says he does not know what to do.

Mere Angne Mein

He wants to give happiness to his family but he cannot find any way. He also adds that people say if there is no way then God will tell us the way. He prays to help her. Riya asks if she has make up items. Pinky says yes i have. Riya gives blouse to Nimmi and says if you have done something. Riya calls Pari. Pari gets scared and thinks whether to take her call or not. Rani comes and asks what happened who will taunt you. She tells that Riya is like you and she always taunts me. Rani says i have good news for you. She asks what happened you cannot think good for me. Pari asks tell me. Rani says there is competition in Mughalsarai of brother and sister and there is reward of fifteen thousand.

Pari says i dont trust you as you cannot see me happy. She says you have benefit and thats why i am telling you. You will get money. Pari says why are you happy then. Rani says her husband will win then she will get happy. Rani asks Pari to call Amit and confirm about this. Pari says yes that is good way and i will get to know your truth. Amit gets call of Pari. He asks what happened. Pari says there is competition and you are going or not. Amit says i denied to come. Pari thinks if she will win then she will not give any money to Amit. A man comes and talks to Shivam. Shivam asks who are you. He says i am teacher and asked you for training.

Preeti says she does not wants to do work. Kaushalya shouts at her and says we have to make food as this is matter of engagement. Kaushalya says if we will help them then its good. Riya manages. Lady comes and says we cannot wait now. Riya says i will manage. Riya calls Rani. Man takes Shivam to a restraurent. Man says wait for five minutes and he says he has a good offer. He asks him to play for his team. Riya says we have surprise for you. Rani and Amit comes and dances

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