Mere Angne Mein 11th September 2016 Sarla Seems Angry And Throws Her Purse

Pari becomes scared and says i have not done anything. Riya says you have done it by your wish and Kaushalya will be so insulted as you put plastic ring in that gift. Riya asks if you know how to do make up. Pari says yes i do. Riya says please help us and do make up of Pinky. Pari agrees.

Shivam and that man talks. He says i was fool to give you offer of training but you are a good player and i want to take you in team. You will get money also. He becomes happy. Man tells him that you have to lose and win matches on your wish. You will get money if you will lose the match. Shivam says what are you talking i cannot do this. Man says come on i know you need money and you have to do this.


Shivam remembers Kaushalya and Riya’s words. He saya no i cannot cheat my team. I will rather die of hunger instead of earning money by cheating. He goes. Man thinks he is such a big fool. Riya asks Nimmi if everything is ready. Nimmi says yes blouse is ready. Pinky sees blouse and says thank you as you gave this blouse a new look. Pinky hugs Nimmi.

Pari applies make up to Pinky. She says apply dark shade of lipstick as it will look good. Pari says fine and takes out lipstick. Riya sees that and thinks this is my lipstick and Pari is so cheap to steal A lipstick. She asks Pari why she stole lipstick from her room..pari says this is mine and i have not stole this.

Nimmi comes and starts scolding Pari. Pari says may be gift got exchanged in shop. Pari taunts them as she has helped them and did make up for free and still they are blaming her. Amit shouts on Rani and says why you said lie and bring me here . I will not spare you. Rani tells that Riya asked for help and she cant say no to her.

Amit says you can help anyone but not Riya and anyone else. Rani says lets go and see engagement. He says no i am going to have food. Boy’s mother calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya thinks that why she would be calling me. She says i saw you managing all things greatly and it seems you are doing it from so much time. Riya says yes yes. Nimmi says we are doing it. She asks them to manage their wedding also. She give a her money. Pari takes that money. Kaushalya gives to her. Nimmi says i will also have money and i did work.

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