Mere Angne Mein 12th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video: Police Takes Raghav With Them

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla becomes upset. All ladies asks to dance and sing songs. Nirmala asks Rani to dance and enjoy. Rani says she does not wants to. Sarla shouts on Rani and orders her to dance. She gets up and dances. Nirmala becomes happy. Sarla worries about her and Ashok’s relation. Shanti thinks she should call Sarla. She asks Preeti to call Sarla . She calls her but she did not picks up. Shanti gets worried and asks Preeti to go to her house and take her here. Preeti leaves. Sarla thinks Ashok and Nirmala will make her a servant and treat her badly.

Mere Angne Mein

She then realises that she is imagining and now she has to do something about it. Nimmi cries and calls Riya. Kaushalya comes and asks whom she is calling. Nimmi says Riya. Kaushalya cries and says dont do this as Riya is already tensed as her buadadi died. Otherwise if we tell her about this then she will surely fight with Shanti and after so much time Shanti has trusted Riya so we should not let them fight. Sarla thinks now she has to make Nirmala out of the house.

She calls Amit and says she has fight with Nirmala and she wants to save her relation with Ashok. She asks help from Amit. Amit says let it be and Nirmala will die soon and till then we have to bear Nirmala as she will give us money. Sarla says you cannot do anything and she will herself manage. Amit says ok i will handle them. Sarla goes to Nirmala and Rani and says they have to do whatever she say. Nirmala also shouts and says she will not follow anyone’s orders. She goes.

Preeti comes to Sarla’s house and listens what is Nirmala saying. Sarla blames Nirmala that she has done mistake to make Nirmala as souten. Preeti becomes shocked to see that. She thinks this is epic news. Now she can tell whole family about this. Then shw thinks she can use Sarla in favour of her affair.

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