Mere Angne Mein 12th September 2016 Written Episode Recap: Riya Reads The Auction Notice

Mere Angne Mein

Kaushalya becomes happy. Riya says i will stop rikshaw. They sits in rikshaw and Kaushalya says she is so proud of them and they helped her friend. Riya says yes. Nimmi says yes i also have done good things. Nandu goes from there. Preeti sees him and asks to go to his office. Kaushalya shouts on Preeti. Sarla goes to Kaushalya’s room and looks things to steal. She opens almirah but it was locked. She takes out pin and opens the almirah. She steals things from her room. Ashok comes there and asks what are you doing. Sarla asks him to go in room. Ashok says he knows that she is stealing things. He says why you are stealing and i will bring you whatever you want. Sarla says you never brought a good saree for me ever.

Mere Angne Mein

A postman comes and says is this is Shanti Sadan. Sarls comes and asks him to read what is written. He says i am new here so i did not know. He says court notice came for you. You have to sign here. She says no i will give thumb impression. He asks her name. She says lie and tells Kaushalya. He goes. Sarla opens it but does not understand something. She thinks may be this is letter of Shivam’s job and if she will tell Kaushalya then she will be become happy. Suddenly everyone comes. Nimmi asks why you are scared Sarla. She says i am not scared.

Rani comes home. Nirmala becomes angry and tries to slap her. Rani holds her hand and says how dare you to raise this hand. Nirmala says why locked house and went outside. Rani says this right is of Sarla and she is like my mother not you. She gets in. Then Rani gets sad and goes to apologise Nirmala that you are elder and i am sorry to talk rudely. Ashok gets call of Nirmala and Nirmala asks him where is he. He tells he is in Shanti sadan. Nirmala says you should come here. Sarla takes phone. Sarla asks Ashok to go to house with Pari.

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