Mere Angne Mein 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Shanti Asks What Happened

Mere Angne Mein

Kaushalya cries and says now nothing can happen. A man comes and says there is notice. Everyone gets shocked. He says we have sent you letter few days before but no response came from your side so we have to come personally here. Kaushalya says how is that possible and she gets worries. Man gives Riya notice. Riya opens and starts reading. Kaushalya asks what is written in that. Riya says we have not filled house tax and if will not give half money in three days then they will sell this house in auction. Everyone gets surprised and extremely shocked. Sarla comes and asks what happened.

Mere Angne Mein

Kaushalya asks how can they do that and she knows we have to fill tax. She shouts on them and ask to tell them. She cries that this is their house and she will not let this happen. Nimmi comes and sees yellow polythene. She takes up and Sarla goes to her and takes that. Kaushalya asks Sarla to see. Kaushalya touches feet of that person and Shivam stops her. Riya asks Kaushalya to calm down. Riya says you suddenly came here and without prior notice. Man tells we have sent notice and we also get confirmation. Sarla gets shocked. Shivam says i will go post office and ask when they delivered notice.

Sarla says no need to go in post office. Sarla tries to stop them. Shivam and Riya goes post office. Sarla thinks now she will get exposed and prays god to save her. She calls some men and asks do you have postman dress. Amit asks for clothes. Rani says she has places his clothes in room. Pari comes and asks what is happening. Pari asks who closed my door. Rani says she did so and tells that room is our separate room and we will live here. Amit says what non sense are you talking about. Rani says yes this is not non sense. Amit says where will Pari live. Pari hugs Amit and says you are my good brother. She asks Rani to open door. She says no i will not.

Amit takes keys and opens door. Rani takes a call and one child asks if his dad is there. Rani says no. Fake men dresses as postman and reaches post office. Shivam and Riya reaches. Shivam asks a postman that if he gave notice to their house. Riya asks whom you gave notice. He says he cannot remember face of everyone.

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