Mere Angne Mein 14th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates Recap: Shivam Will Adopt Nimmi’s Child

Nandu faints and Preeti calls him. Then he gets in senses. Preeti asks where are you lucky. He says he slept and She tells him that she wants to meet him. Nandu calls her in street. Shivam sees Nimmi watching rakhi. Nimmi calls Shivam and asks if he wants something. He says no and asks she is preparing for rakhi. Shivam says sorry to her and apologises. She says why he is saying sorry. Shivam says he promised her to protect her but he has failed everytime. Nimmi says no he has done everything for her. She says if he will say like this then she will not be able to sleep and then shashikala will punish her. Shivam says they enjoyed those days and wishes that Preeti should also be here but old one.

Mere Angne Mein

Preeti meets Nandu and asks if he is angry of her. She asks if he loves her or not. She says please tell me. Nandu as Lucky says he loves her so much but he has fear of something. Preeti asks why what happened. Lucky says happiness does not remains with us for.long time. Nandu says he has to tell everything to her. Preeti says he knows everything about his family and his garage. Preeti sees Pari and asks Nandu to go. Pari comes and asks who was that boy. Preeti becomes scared and says Dadi asked to talk to her. Pari asks this late night. Preeti says she asked him to come to home and repair our terrace. Pari says they are telling lie and she will find out what is truth.

Everyone becomes sad and Pari comes. Sarla fulfills all rituals and ties rakhi on his hand. Raghav gives her gift. Sarla says she needs a promise that she will ever come in any problem then he should never make her out of the house. Raghav says why she is talking like this and he is with her everytime. Sarla says that i know and she always wants him to successful always and god should give him all the prosperity.

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