Mere Angne Mein 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Shanti Will Take Nimmi’s Test

Mere angne Mein

In the last episode Shanti was doing puja. She asked Preeti and Riya to come for puja. Preeti went her room and thought to hide the chunri. She hide chunri below the pillow. Nandu took the chunri and said that he will not let Preeti do anything bad. Nandu kept chunri with him. Preeti told Kaushalya that chunri is not there. Kaushalya asked that what will they tell Amma Ji. Nandu kept chunri on the clothes string. Riya came with her chunri.

Mere Angne MeinShanti imagined everyone forgetting Sarla and movie ahead in theri lives. Shanti said that how will they manage home after her die. She said that she have to choose a heir for this house. She said that she have to choose someone who can do all her duties. Shanti looked
at Riya and Nimmi. Bansi and Rajendra told Sarla to stop Nirmala elsi her divorce can’t be stopped. They promised Sarla to help her in getting divorce papers.

Shanti thought that Nimmi is young and immature, Riya is busy in her married life and Kaushalya is a cow. Kaushalya saw the chunri and asked Preeti that why did she lie about chunri. Shanti thought that just Preeti is left. Shanti made Nandu sit with Preeti. Shivam and Riya started the Puja.

Shanti asked Preeti to take blessings from Nandu. Sarla came to the lawyer office with Bansi and Rejender. The lawyer came and asked what happened. Sarla scolded the lawyer. Rajender and Bansi asked lawyer to help out Sarla. Shanti took Nimmi to room. She told Nimmi that she wants to make her heir of this house.

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