Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Amit Steals Money From Shivam

Rani stops Amit and tells a kid is calling here again and again and asking for his father. Rani asks Amit that if he has any other women in his life. He smiles and says yes. Rani says what is this and she holds his collar and tells she will kill him. Amit thinks if that kid would be of his mistake then Rani will kill him. Sarla cries and says what all this is happening. Kaushalya comes and asks whats happening. Kaushalya says god is testing us. Sarla says till when they will test. Riya and Nimmi checks purse of Sarla. Sarla gets angry and says what were you stealing in my purse as i am also poor. Riya says no we are not stealing anything. Shivam says your purse was lying on ground and i was taking it up.

Mere Angne MeinKaushalya says she will kill that person who hid letter. Riya says we have to arrange money. Riya says we should call Shanti back. She says no. Riya says i will sell my jewellery. Kaushalya says no we does not have this right to sell that jewellery and you father gave you that. Riya says last choice is that we have to make that event company and this will help us. Kaushalya says yes we can do that. Sarla says how this is possible. Riya says this could be possible if we do marketing. She says she got a call to arrange birthday party. Kaushalya says yes please call him.

Riya calls him but gets to know that birthday party is cancelled. Sarla says money doesnot generate like this
Sarla cries and says she will do this and Kaushalya asks her not to cry. Sarla goes but Kaushalya stops her. Sarla says no one listens to her. Nimmi says yes. Kaushalya asks her to sit on swing and she is like ammaji to them this time. Sarla says ok fine i will take money on interest and else you will manage. Nimmi says Sarla will definitely do something mischiveous. Sarla goes to her house and scolds Nirmala. She asks Nirmala to go out of the room. Nirmala says i will not go. Sarla pushes her. Sarla thinks now time has come to double my money. She takes out money and thinks now i will get extra money. Sarla takes out bag of Nirmala. Pari asks Sarla not to do things as Rani copies you. Nimmi says when ship sinks then all rats drown. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to stop saying. Shivam gets call of Sarla. Sarla says she has arranged money but money will be returned with fifteen percent interest. He becomes shocked. Amit listens her saying that money is with her. Amit says Sarla is so weird and she has money. Shanti thinks she wants to go to home as her haridwar is her home.

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