Mere Angne Mein 16th June 2016 Live Coverage: Kaushalya Promises To Get Shivam Married

mere angne mein

Mere Angne Mein is moving with a bulk of twists as in the last episode we saw that Riya told Chanda and Shanti that he kept a shirt for Shivam in the room. Shicam came out wearing the same shirt. Riya smiled and Kaushalya asked Shivam that this time she will fulfill all her dreams with his marriage.

Shivam was shcoked os hearing this. Shivam asked what are you sauing ? Shanti changed the topic. Riya gets a call and asked to Shanti that she has to go to office. Shanti asked her to go but not with Shivam. Shanti started her drama in order to stop Shivam. Nandu packed hi bags. Preeti asked him that where he is going ? He replied that we both are moving to our houese, till evening. He said that I will get office quarter allotmest house today and will pick you up in the evening.

mere angne mein

Preeti said that now I have to live in that small house like Sarla. Kaushalya asked Shanti to be fit and fine and asked him to persist as she have to see Shivam’s marriage. Shivam gete annoyed and asked what marriage ? Shivam said that I will not marry that girl Chanda.

Kaushalya asked Shivam that why did you sent that card ? Shivam replied that we had a large talk on this before. Shanti acts as she is dying. She sent Shivam and scolds Kaushalya that why she was telling Shivam about the marriage.

Tonight the telecast will be special as Riya will tell Shanti that she will not leave Shivam as she has captured his seven births. Riya will say with determination that he cannot be of anyone else. Kaushalya will be annoyed with this and will say that now I will defintely get Shivam married to Chanda. So this fight of words and motives will be in interesting one till then stay tuned with us.

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