Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2016: Riya Promises To Prove That Shivam Loves Her

mere angne mein riya

Last night in Mere Angne Mein we saw that Riya heard Kaushalya and Shivam and then she moved to Shanti and asked her that tell everyone about your wish to tell truth.

She said that Shanti is having pain in her stomach as she kept the truth hidden for a longer time. Riya said that when Kaushalya left the home, Shivam was upset and then Shanti asked me to bring Kaushalya back into the home thus I wrote on the card that Shivam is ready to marry Chanda but I did this all on the command of Shanti. She said that I have sent the card to Kaushalya. Kashalya said that I thought Shivam agreed for marrying Chanda. Shivam said that Riya pranked well.

mere angne mein riya

Riya said that I was not having any other option. I couldn’t see Shanti upset. Shanti was shocked to see this and then Shanti replied that leave this all. Shivam asked Riya to stay away from his sight and said that I will send you the first invitation when I will decide to marry.

Pari’s lips got locked and she was unable to talk. Nimmi asked Pari to apologize to her. Pari bends but Nimmi stopped her and said taht I am not like you. She asked Pari to wait until she will come with a colution. Nimmi came back and made Pari fine and abke to speak.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we will see that Shanti and Riya will again have an arguement. Shanti will say that Shivam said that he won’t marry. Shanti will say that one day I will get Shivam married with Chanda. Riya will say that I will prove that Shivam loves me and he will never marry any other girl. Riya will smile and moved from there. Stay tuned for more catchy updates like this.

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