Mere Angne Mein 18th August 2016 Written Episode: Shivam Worries About Documents

Shivam and Riya talks in good mood. Nirmala goes to lawyer and asks till when this divorce will happen. He says it will take two months. She says she wants is to happen early. He saya we can prepare fake divorce papers. Nirmala says i am ready.

Riya talks on phone and says she is not ready for the baby. Friend says do one thing you should say we are trying but its not working out. Riya says ok. Shanti walks in rain. She asks a person where is Rama. He says no he doesn’t know. She asks him to tell directly then she will slap him. He says he has denied them to tell her.

mere angne mein

Nandu says no he cannot play with emotions of Preeti. Preeti comes in garage and Nandu runs. Preeti meets big brother of Lucky. She touches his feet. He says what is she doing. He asks who is she. She says she is his friend. He says he doesn’t like friendship of Nandu and Preeti and he hates woman and he hates their vision too.

Preeti goes. Nandu says your acting was good. Shanti worries at home. Kaushalya thinks where is Shanti and Raghav. Riya says he will come soon. Shanti becomes worried. Riya says Raghav has come and she gives him water. Shanti listens Raghav is saying he is too tired and he is going to his room. Riya also waits for Shivam.

She thinks she should call Shivam. She calls him and he picks up. She asks where is he and why he didnot reached home. He says he doesnot wants to come home. Riya sees Shivam from window. He comes in. Shivam looks for something. Kaushalya taunts Shivam that he should inform her. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he has opened a bank account in name of Nimmi.

Kaushalya scolds Shivam that there is no need as Raghav’s job is in danger and we need each and every penny right now. Kaushalya asks him to take out money and give to Shanti. He becomes angry and says this is the problem with you that you think Shanti is always right. Riya says she wants to say something but she requests Shivam not to become angry.

Shivam says he will not become angry. She says she know that we discussed it earlier and now she is thinking again that she should join job again and pleads him not to become angry. Shivam says don’t take tension as nothing will happen with job of Raghav and officials will give clean chit to him.

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