Mere Angne Mein 18th June 2016 Episode Updates: Riya Decides To Prove Her Love With Shivam

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Last episode of Mere Angne Mein showcased that Riya was calling a man to make a new bed. While Shanti and Kaushalya was relaxed that Riya didn’t called police. Shanti asked her taht what is this drama ? The man replied that I will bring all the tools tomorrow and will make the bed tomorrow.

Riya told Shanti that she will never leave Shivam. Sarla and Amit brought a second hand mobile for Chanda and Amit said that I will go and give it to Chanda. Preeti called nandu to talk about the home. Nandu was excited that Preeti called him for the first time. Sarla and Amit came to Shanti Sadan. Amit gave phone to Chanda. Sujeev and Sharmili talks to the man. Nimmi and Pari heard of them. Sharmili was shocked to see Nimmi and Pari behind. Sharmili gave the jewelry to Nimmi and asked her to go and keep it in her room. Pari thought to check them all.

mere angne mein images

Amit gave phone to Chanda and said that its smartphone and I will make you trained in using it. He asked Chanda how is she and said that I couldn’t met you for a long time. Sarla was annoyed to this and asked him that why he is asking this all to her. Riya said to him that Chanda is living well here ad Shanti is here to fulfill all her wishes.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we will see that Shanti will say that you said that you can’t get up. Riya will decide and will say that i have to prove that Shivam loves me a lot.

Shanti will go annoyed with her and will say that you are playing game with me. And will say that I need to give you an answer for this all. Stay tuned for more updates and information like this.

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