Mere Angne Mein 18th October 2016 Full Episode Coverage & Written Updates: Riya Gets Shocked

Mere Angne Mein

In the last episode of Mere Angne Mein, we had seen that Kaushalay gets tensed when Sarla comes to her and curses her for her work. She says that you can’t stay happy in your whole life. Kaushalaya cries at this and the neighbours also curses her. Sarla leaves and Kaushalaya looks on. On the other side, Nimmi is tensed and says to Riya that she realises a boy was there with Preeti.

Riya asks Nimmi that it might be her taught. She asks her not to think much. Shivam comes there and Nimmi tells the same to him. She says that I have a strong feeling that I had heard Nandu’s voice. Shivam and Riya ask Nimmi to go back home and they will tackle the situation. Amit gets a call from a man and he gets ready for the gambling. He goes to Rani and asks for money.

Mere Angne Mein

Rani agrees to give him money but ask him to sign a paper written that no girl will come in his life. Amit agrees at this. Preeti comes to home and answers rudely to Kaushalaya. Then Kaushalaya goes to Shanti and says that she don’t want the swing and rule on the house. She says that I don’t want to dispatch you from Sarla. Then Riya and Nimmi come there and Riya gives the money to Shanti. She then tells Shanti that she had to get Kaushalaya’s earring from the remaining money. Shanti gets angry by this.

Amit cuts Nahi from the paper and then signs it. He smiles and leaves taking the money. Preeti gets Pari’s call and says that she wants to leave the house. Pari asks her to give divorce to Nandu and to leave her life peacefully. Preeti agrees and Nimmi comes there. She starts scolding Preeti and then ask that who was there with you in the temple. Preeti gets more tensed at this.

Nimmi insists Preeti tell with whom she goes to meet in the temple. She says that she was alone and blames Riya. Nimmi defends Riya and says that she will find the truth now. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Riya talks to Bunty about the heir making process and then gets shocked to see Shivam there. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Mere Angne Mai like this.

Mere Angne Mein Spoiler Updates

Spoilers of Mere Angne Mein states that Amma Ji will play divide and rule with Nimmi, Riya, and Kaushalya. She will make Nimmi fight with Preeti. Riya will get to know about this and then a high  voltage drama will again continue in the storyline of the show.

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