Mere Angne Mein 19th June 2016: Shivam Agrees For Marrying Chanda

mere angne mein

Last night in Mere Angne Mein we saw that Shivam shuts the door and was talking to doctor. He told him about Riya’s injury and asked about the needed medicines. He sais fine, I will get it. He told Riya that anything would happened to her and asked her to apply ointment. Riya cried and said that its paining a lot. Shivam was caring for her and Riya was happy to see this. Shivam applied ointment on Riya’s shoulder and recalled their past loving moments.

They both had an eyelock. Riya cried and hugs him. Shivam moved away but her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. Shivam came out of the room. Nirmala gets Pandit and asked Rani about Sarla. Rani replied that she moved to Shanti Sadan and she is getting shivam married again.

mere angne mein

Sarla came home back and Nirmala said that I have asked to Pandit Ji about Ashok and he said that there is no danger to his life. She said that I bought Pandit Ji here so as to take out muhurat.

Sarla scolds her and said that do you think that I lied to you and she makes the Pandit to leave. Nirmala said that Rani told me about Shivam’a remarriage. Sarla said that his divorce has not been completed yet but shanti, my mother is adamant. Nirmala said that I want to marry Ashok as early as possbile else I will have less time to spend as Suhaagan.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we will see that Shivam will get frustrated and will start crying. He will come to Shanti and will ask her to call Pandit. He will say that I am ready to marry Chanda. He will ask to call pandit and ask him a muhurat of marriage as soon as possible. Riya will hear this all and will hget shocked. Riya will start crying seeing this all. Stay tuned for more like this on The News Recorder.

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