Mere Angne Mein 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Kaushalya To Support Preeti

Preeti cries and holds up papers and sees those are divorce papers. She cries. Sarla and Pari thinks to take the advantage of the situation. Sarla says dont worry you are doing good and keep on doing this in order to achieve your love. Preeti says you arw with me or not. Sarla and Pari says we will support you everytime. Preeti hugs them. She says i will marry Lucky only. Preeti tells them that Lucky is out of the city now and i will make you meet him. Sarla says ok whenever he will come then take him here. She smiles. Nimmi goes and looks at Kaushalya and Shanti. They both were sad.

Mere Angne MeinShe goes to them and says really i have not done anything as Preeti is saying. Shanti says today we are losing with time and i will not let that happen. Shanti cries. Nimmi goes away. Sarla comes out. Kaushalya asks if you talked to Preeti and what did she say. Sarla says i have tried many times and asked her to forget Lucky. She says Preeti will be fine by tomorrow and she is taking rest. Kaushalya says its good. Riya and Shivam talks. Riya says our family has been shattered and this is not good we have to make everything back to normal.

Shivam says Preeti has been changed and she was not like this ever. Riya says i know who did this. Shivam asks what. She says Pari had done this and she provokes Preeti. Shivam says we will lock her in room and she will be hungry then she will understand what is right and what is wrong. Riya says Shivam you are mad and you always tell useless things. He says then what will do. Riya says i am worried about Nandu also. He loves Preeti and Preeti is doing this. Kaushalya and Sarla listens them. Sarla again provokes Kaushalya that Riya is not worried about Preeti and thinking about Nandu. Then they leaves. Shanti gets worried and sees Preeti and Pari sleeping then she sees Shivam and Riya awake. She gets tensed and sleeps on swing.

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