Mere Angne Mein 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Shanti’s Family Get Homeless

Mere Angne Mein

Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala is here. Nirmala comes with inspector. Sarla becomes scared. Nirmala asks Inspector to look at this lady and she has made her out of this house and she is divorced woman and still troubling us. Inspector says now you have to come with us and court will decide. Sarla asks inspector to investigate her children. Nirmala says she will give five thousand rupees to him. Amit says yes Ashok married Sarla. Pari also goes to her and Nirmala offers her money. Pari says yes Sarla has divorced. Rani saves Sarla and scolds Nirmala that she knows how it feels that when husband leaves. Sarla says she will never forget this thing as only Rani is standing by her side. Ashok scolds Nirmala that you know those papers are fake and please don’t do this. Nirmala says she cannot help this. Nirmala asks Inspector to take her. They arrests her. Sarla cries.

Mere Angne Mein

Nirmala stops Inspector and asks her to leave her as she is like sister to her and now she knows what is right and what is wrong. Sarla smiles and says yes now leave me. Inspector becomes angry and tells you solved it in home and troubled me. Sarla says Nirmala is so kind and she saved her. Nirmala says she is not kind and saved her as she wanted to show her situation. Nirmala says she will call inspector again. Sarla says i will kill you. Pari comes and says see i saved you. Sarla says no she doesnot wants child like you which can trouble their mother for money. Riya says how will they manage the house. She calls Shivam. Shivam sits on corner and picks up. He says he will come late and she should sleep. Riya thinks how can she sleep.

Shanti thinks and becomes worried how this house will run and Shivam has also left the job. She should tell everyone about this and she has to do something for house. She thinks she cannot sleep as she is in tenaion. Kaushalya massages Raghav. She says she wants to tell Raghav one thing as Sarla has done big mistake and she has made Ashok marry to some other lady and she is telling him with very courage. She tells Shanti has become old and if she will tell her then Shnti will come in trauma. She realises Raghav has slept. He wakes up and asks if you are saying something. Kaushalya thinks Raghav lost his job and if she will tell him then he will be worried more. Shanti comes in verandah. Kaushalya also comes out. Riya waits for Shivam. Shivam comes home and Shanti says tax papers had come and he should borrow money from his company. He says he will ask and tell her.

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