Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2016: Shivam Swears To Marry Chanda Within A Month

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Last day in Mere Angne Mein we saw that Riya said that she is very much hurt and still she is doing all the work alone. Chanda ingnored her.

Shanti asked Chanda to use the phone which Sarla gifted to him and asked her to record all the things of Riya in that. Chanda started the recording and sat near Riya. She asked her about her relation with Shivam. Riya said that no one can break my relation with Shivam. Chanda said but relation is breaking as you both have signed the papers before I came here.

mere angne mein images

Chanda said that I went to temple and brought this thread for you with this your rekation will not get broken. Riya said that this all is just because of Shanti as she wants me to leave this house. Shanti was waiting for recording and Chanda told Riya that Shanti is not that much bad. Riya said that when you will get time think it by my perception.

Riya added that whatever happened in  my life is just because of Shanti. Chanda added that you are Shivam’s love then why Shanti will do this as Shivam will get sad by this. Riya replied that Shanti just cares for her power and thinkings. Riya said that when I stopped her she felt it bad and since then she is stopping and hating me.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we will see that as Shivam agreed to marry Chanda, Riya will say that I will not let Shivam marry Chanda. Shivam will get angry seeing this behaviour by Riya and will say that I swear to marry Chanda within a month. Stay tuned with The News Recorder for much more updates and news on Mere Angne Mein.

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