Mere Angne Mein 20th November 2016 Written Update: Shivam gets angry | The News Recorder

Preeti cries. Shanti pushes her. Sarla also worries. Kaushalya says why you want to take our lives. Shanti says these dramas will not work on me. Kaushalya says I cannot make her understand. Kaushalya says I will support her and I am with her. Kaushalya cries and says please let her live.

Mere Angne Mein 20th November 2016 Written Update: Shivam gets angry | The News Recorder

Kaushalya says I have learnt this from you. Shanti says when Sarla did wrong I also forgot her. Kaushalya says I will die. Nandu worries. Shivam says everything is because of you Preeti. Kaushalya goes in the room. Everyone asks her to open the door.

Shanti says to open the door and I don’t want to see new drama. Shivam says please open. Nimmi says please open for Shanti. Pari and Sarla talks. Pari says we are enjoying this. Pari says this is like family drama in Tv. Sarla says I am hungry. Nimmi asks to open. Shanti says why are you doing this and troubling us.

Shanti says we should stay her alone then we will come. Sarla says no we cannot leave her alone. Pari says don’t worry. Pari acts like she cares. She says Shanti is hungry from the morning. Shanti thinks sitting on the swing. Pari says please drink this juice and I cannot see you like this. Pari drinks the juice. Shivam says I will see upstairs.

He calls Kaushalya. He says you have not eaten anything. Shanti says first let her calm down. Shivam beats punching bag. Riya comes and says please control your anger. Riya holds punching bag. He gets angry. Riya gives water to him. Shivam asks her to leave.

Riya says I know the problem is big but angry is not the solution. Shivam says I want to slap Preeti. Riya says then there is no need as she will not understand. Shivam says we have to understand. He says Preeti was so innocent and now she has become worst. He always loved Nimmi from starting but now she is changed. He says I am thinking Preeti is not my sister. Riya says Preeti has seen many things in small age. Shivam  says  everyone suffers from many things and I don’t know how Preeti got so mad.

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