Mere Angne Mein 20th September 2016 Episode: Shanti Cries And Ask Her Husband To Save Their Home


Shanti gets happy and asks Riya not to do work. Shanti says you did wrong by doing deal alone. Shanti says they brought vegetables alone and spent money more. She says i will tell you how to calculate. Shanti asks Kaushalya to cut vegetable smaller. Shanti says i will cut vegetables. Kaushalya says i am doing. Shanti says i am owner of this house.

Riya and Nimmi sees Shanti and smiles. Shanti says you are not able to do work that’s why i am doing. Shanti says why Nimmi is smiling. Nirmala talks on phone and says everything will be fine after two months. She asks him to do accordingly. Nirmala says i will give you rent. Sarla listens and thinks house is of Nirmala and why she will pay rent.

mere-angne-meinShe asks Rani to get ready and see the bungalow of Nirmala. Rani says i will enquire. Riya and everyone gets happy. Nandu brings food. Shanti says cover all things. Shanti asks Riya to give all calculation. Shanti says see everybody. Shivam also helps them. Shanti says cover all things fast. They goes. Shanti prays. Some officers comes to Shanti Sadan. He says see the house and do estimation. Shanti shouts see thieves came. He says i am house tax officer and you have not paid tax from two years. She says this cannot happen. He asks where is Shivam and Sarla

Shanti asks officer to sit and have water. She tries to calm the situation. Officer says everything will be calmed down but Shivam doing bad behavior. Officer says its not our fault that your money got stolen. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring snacks. She says fine i will bring now. Officer says firstly ask your grandson to be calm and ask him to behave properly with elders.

He says Shivam called me corrupt and this is unbearable. Everyone reaches there. Man says do work properly. He talks rudely. Rikshaw comes and food falls. Mans says you cannot do anything properly. Riya says this is not her fault. Man says what we will serve to guests. Officer says six lakhs will be needed to stop auction.

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