Mere Angne Mein 21st June 2016: Shanti Confirms Shivam’s Marriage Date

mere angne mein shanti

Previous day in Mere Angne Mein we saw that Preeti was angry on Nandu and asked him to leave her alone for the whole life. While on the other hand Shivam said that I will marry Chanda. Shanti started her drama and Shivam took her swear that he will marry Chanda. Then Shivam took his mother’s swear and said that I will marry Chanda surely.

Riya was angry on Shivam and asked that how can you do this ? Shivam challenged Riya that he will marry Chanda within a month. Riya said that I will see how you will marry Chanda. Shivam said that I will do the marriage and if she will create any drama then he will hurt himself. Then Riya talked to Chanda. And Chanda moved against her attitude and said to Riya that she is a bad Bahu and said that now god wants Shivam and me to unite now.

mere angne mein shanti

Nimmi found the Almira vacancy and she was shocked that where were jewelry has gone. She thought that may be Pari stolen that. Riya said to Shanti and Kaushalya that Chanda will again change his colors and they all will have to pay for this. Nimmi came to Pari’s room and then came to Pari’s room and then started searching for the jewelry. Shivam was angry for all the act and commitment which he gave to everyone. He started breaking things in his room. Sharmili gave one hour to Nimmi to find out the jewelries.

Riya called Binty and said to her that Shivam agreed for marriage. Bunty was shocked to hear this. She asked that how can Shivam agree for this. Now in today’s telecast of Mere Angne Mein we will see that Shanti will call Pandit Ji and will ask him for a good muhurat. The Pandit will say that there is one good day for marriage after 5 days.

Shanti will get agree for that date after five days. Kaushalya will get emotional and will say that now our family problems will get solved. Shanti will celebrate it and will fix the date. While on the other hand Riya will decide not to let Shivam marry Chanda till the last moment. She will decide to fight for her right and for her marriage.

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