Mere Angne Mein 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates: Riya Hides A Big Thing From Shivam

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla and Pari goes with Shanti and Nimmi. They reaches hospital and some ladies taunts them. Preeti goes to Lucky and gives him shirt. She asks him to try it. He says no i will try it later. She gets sad and Lucky wears it and admires. She smiles. Kaushalya calls Preeti and asks where is she. She says she is in hospital and clerk cannot afford her to take somewhere. She cuts the phone. Nandu asks who is that clerk. She says he is useless and lives in our house.

Mere Angne Mein

Amit becomes happy and says mummy no. 2. He wants thousand rupees. Nirmala says he always comes to her only when he needs her. Amit says no he is always ready to help her. Nirmala says he has to help her. Amit says tell him what to do. She says bring her and Ashok close. Amit becomes shocked. Kaushalya cries and Shanti brings Nimmi home. Shanti asks Kaushalya to take Nimmi to room and make her rest. Kaushalya takes her and starts crying. Shanti shouts and asks Kaushalaya not to cry and work in kitchen. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to go. Shanti says she will tell her. Kaushalya goes and Shanti asks where is she going. She tells she is going to clean the house.

Shanti tells she has brought seeds of all vegetables and we will grow all vegetable in home itself and it will save money. Amit and Rani decorates room for Nirmala and Ashok. Amit says candle light dinner. Rani tells its lunch. Rani also tells him that we will also do lunch. Amit says no. Rani says she has an idea that they should go out and roam. Amit says no and asks her to go somewhere and he is bringing Ashok. He goes and asks her to warm the food. Shanti tells we have to minimize the expenses as Raghav is so worried

Kaushalya says yes he is worried and asks if Shivam has come to Hospital. Shanti shouts if she has informed Shivam. She says no i have not but Shivam has gone and she has sent Riya to follow him. Shivam reaches hospital and throws all items of hospital and Riya stops him. Shivam becomes angry. Doctor calls Police. Police comes and doctor tells that this Shivam has done all this. Riya says no its wrong he has not done anything. Shanti shouts on Kaushalya and says Nimmi was not ready to deliver the child and it was necessary for her to abort this child and thats why she has done this. Kaushalya becomes shocked and says fine.

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