Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2016: Riya Asked Shivam That He Will Regret

mere angne mein

Previous telecast of Mere Angne Mein we saw that Shanti called Sarla and informed that Shivam agreed for marriage. Sarla was happy to hear this wile Amit said that Shivam is having good luck as he is going to have two wife. Nimmi saw Pari hiding the jewelry box and she called Sharmili and Mamu in Pari’s room. She exposed Pari and then she said I saw Pari taking out some jewelry.

Nimmi asked Sujeev to make thief out of this house as one hour is about to get completed. Pari said that there was a reason behind this all. Pari tried to manipulate that Nimmi was so careless for the jewelry. Sharmili took Pari’s phone. Shanti called Pandit Ji and asked for a good muhurat. Pandit said that there is good muhurat after 5 days. Shanti confirmed the date for Shivam’s marriage with Chanda.

mere angne mein

Riya decided not to let this things happen. She decided to fight for her marriage with Shivam and decided to take revenge from Shanti. Also we saw that Shanti asked Kaushalya is the date suitable to you ? Kaushalya agreed and Shanti greeted Chanda with some money. Shanti danced and celebrated her success. She asked family members to print some wedding cards written on that Shivam is marrying Chanda and you all are invited to enhance the happiness.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we will see that Riya will move to Shivam and will ask him that she wants to talk to him. Shivam will say there is nothing left to talk now and he don’t wants to talk. Riya will say to Shivam if you will marry Chanda then you will not have any chance to come back to me.

Riya will say that when you will come to know about the whole truth then you will regret of this all. Shivam will say that let’s see who will regret. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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