Mere Angne Mein 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Live: Shivam Shouts On Riya

Mere Angne Mein

Nimmi sees saree from Shanti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to do work safely. Riya says you are making bed sheets. Shanti says yes life has turned in this way and Riya does not know anything about poverty. Shivam searches keys of almirah. He looks in purse of Riya. Riya asks why he is touching her purse without her permission. He asks why she locked almirah. Riya says no she has not locked and Dadi did this as she thinks if we lock almirah then we will spend less money. She looks in her purse and says sorry Shivam she is hiding big thing but soon she will tell him everything. Riya hugs him and says sorry. Shivam says you don’t trust me that i can touch your things without your permission.

Mere Angne Mein

Ashok admires Sarla that she is looking good. Sarla becomes angry on him and says he should be careful and he is giving more attention to Nirmala not her. Ashok murmures that he did not go anywhere. Sarla asks Amit to clean the bunglow and Amit says ok. He asks about Rani. Sarla asks why he is asking about her. Sarla shows him name plate of her name. She says to take this to bunglow and apply it. Amit asks where is his name. She says she sold her husband and what he did. Sarla says when she will die then all will belong to him. Nirmala listens and thinks let Sarla become happy and then destruction will happen. Pari catches Nirmala.

Pari says she will also go with Sarla tomorrow for janmashtmi. Amit sayd don’t get happy as if Raghav’s job will go then their happiness will also go. Riya becomes ready and decorates the room. Shivam asks whats special today. She says when we are together then everything is special. Shivam laughs. She asks why he is laughing. Ashok takes food from kitchen. Nirmala asks why he is taking food and she can serve. Sarla comes and asks why he is in kitchen and before this he never came to kitchen. Rani comes and asks she will serve him food. Ashok says he is feeling happy that there is someone who thinks of him selflessly. Amit says to Rani that she is so clever and he will take revenge from her. She says as you wish.

Nimmi brings designer clothes for Kanhaji. Nimmi says Shanti has budget for Krishna ji and not for them. Shanti says don’t compare yourself with him. Preeti asks when will mandli come as Sarla is asking. Shanti says no mandli will not come. So she will not bring the mandli this time but she cries that Kaushlya had son after Krishnaashtmi. So she wanted Riya to also have A son after Krishna ashtmi.

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