Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video: Shanti Worried For Next Generation

Mere Angne Mein

Nirmala comes home and Sarla becomes shocked. Nirmala asks why she is shocked on her arrival. Sarla talks on phone and says Nirmala has come home and what work you did. Men says she is so healthy and beat us . Pari says she doesnot have clothes and she needs new clothes. Sarla says we doesnot have money you should go to Shanti sadan and plead before her that we dont have money. Sarla goes to Shanti sadan. Pari also come. Shanti calls Riya. Riya says she will tell this to Shivam. Nimmi admires Kaushalya. She says she is looking good. Sarla asks if she is not looking nice. Nimmi says you are already beautiful. Shanti asks why Sarla you calls Preeti now not her.

Mere Angne Mein

She says she called her. Sarla says to teach ritual of giving and taking. Shanti asks if you wants fruits. Then Sarla thinks she has become so Poor. Sarla shows hole in her saree. Pari asks what gift Shanti has kept for her. Shanti says she is feeling bad that Sarla has to wear saree with hole but conditions are like this and she has to do this. Pari says Shanti has not given anything to anyone but she is giving new saree to Riya. Riya says this is so nice saree. Shanti says this saree is so cheap but she should consider this as of crore. Shanti tells she has to take rituals forward and may be this Janmashtmi will bring good news. Sarla and Pari becomes sad. Shanti asks to start. They all says jai kanhaiya lal ki. She says now we will sing songs.

Riya does all the rituals. Pari gets out of there and goes upstairs. She tries to open almirah but it was closed. She steals money. Kaushalya’s room was closed. She goes in Riya’s room and checks her purse. Riya and Shanti does aarti. Pari sees medicine of Riya and also sees Prescription. Shanti asks Riya to give y Krishna ji. Pari comes. Preeti also comes and taunts they started pooja without her. Shanti asks whose medicine is this.

Pari says that Shanti’s dream cannot be fulfilled now. She says Riya’s name is written on it and from this medicine she cannot have a baby. Riya says she was about to tell him. Shivam gets angry and thinks thats why she was not allowing him to touch purse. Kaushalya says why you did this. Shanti says Riya is taking this poison. Riya says she is not ready for the baby. Kaushalya shouts on her.

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