Mere Angne Mein 24th June 2016: Sarla Gives Invitation Card To Anupam & Raghav Denies To Come Home

mere angne mein riya

In the last episode of Mere Angne Mein we saw that Shanti was talking to the Pandit, Decorator and the ladies. Shanti introduced Chanda to everyone and praised her. Chanda talked to Shivam and Riya saw Shivam. Riya asekd the decorator to use Genda phool as Shivam likes it.

Riya attends Raghav’s call on landline. He said taht I will be coming home in 2 hours. Riya thanked Lord and thought that now just he can help her. She thought that I have to get Raghav on my side. Shivam was leaving for office and Shanti asked him to return back soon. Kaushalya asked him to take leave from office as Haldi function will be there in 2 days.

mere angne mein riya

Nandu was desparate to talk to Preeti and he left from Ramesh to parlor where Preeti went. While on the other hand Shanti was shocked when she moved in her room. She saw some things of black magic in her room. She called Kaushalya and asked her to clean it and said that someone is doing black magic in the house. Shanti and Riya bith looked on each other while Chanda smiled seeing this all. Kaushalya looked to Riya and chanted mantras. Amit bought the marriage invitation card of Shivam and Chanda. He showed it to Sarla and asked her to get money now.

Tonight in Mere Angne Mein we willn see that Shanti will ask Sarla to go and send a special invitation to Anupam. Sarla will move to Anupam’s house and will give him the invitation card. Anupam will be shocked to see this.

Raghav will call and will ask that he has to go Delhi immideality for some urgent work so he will get late. Riya was tensed hearing this. She thought that why Raghav is moving to Delhi, she thought that now how I will stop this marriage as Raghav was the only hope to stop this marriage.

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