Mere Angne Mein 25th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Live Online: Shanti Brings A Child

Mere Angne Mein

Amit open the door. Sarla comes. She comes angry and he asks what happened. She says Pari spoiled all this. Amit asks what happened. Sarla says Pari has not done right and now Shanti will force Riya now. Pari says Riya was also insulted. She says if Riya will get baby then we will not get anything. Shanti says whatever happened is not right. She says she should also die. Kaushalya asks her to eat something. She says no i dont want to and she asks if Riya has done right. She has dreamt about grandchildren and now she has spoiled all things. She starts crying. Shanti says in this house she says everything but no one listens. Kaushalya remembers that she promised she will not see Raghav’s face. Shanti says no this will not happen. Kaushalya says she has promised and she has to do this. Shanti says Kaushalya does wrong things. Shanti asks her to stop crying and says till when she will not see Riya’s baby then she will not die.

Mere Angne Mein

Shivam thinks something. Riya brings tea for him. She says she has done mistake but try to understand her. Shivam asks what to say as everything is happening according to her wish. She says its her mistake. Shivam says he doesnot have to fight but he needs time to forget all this. Nimmi asks thali from Preeti. She says i will not give take it yourself. Kaushalya murmures that Raghav has become so irresponsible and he never tell her. where is he going. Shivam goes. Kaushalya asks where is he going without having breakfast. He says sorry to her and he will not be able to Give her grandchildren. Nirmala tries to clean the paper but she cries as Sarla’s name has been removed. Rani asks Sarla to see why Nirmala is crying.

Sarla says she will die and thats why she is crying. Rani says she will handle her. Sarla says no you should not go. Sarla asks her to do some work. She says bring this things written in list. Nirmala calls lawyer and tells she wants to make new papers like this. He says these are risky works and this cannot happen. Kaushlya says dont know why this house is not happy. Preeti says this is because of Riya. Preeti says she wants to do according to her will. Nimmi says you always do whatever she wants.

Riya asks Kaushalya to give her the photo frame and she will place it on her wall. Riya asks what to make in dinner. Kaushalya goes. Shivam reaches office and man taunts him of bringing documents late. He talks about His father and Shivam gets angry and slaps him. Man says you are fired now. He says he leaves the job. Sarla calls man and says to kidnap that lady she is sending. Sarla asks Nirmala if she is fine. Sarla shows tulsi plant to her.

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