Mere Angne Mein 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Live: Nimmi Gets To Know About Ashok’s Second Marriage

Mere Angne Mein

Kaushalya says no one is getting married here. Man shouts that they have ordered and now they are saying that they does not wants. He looks at Preeti and says she is the one who said that she is going to be married and she wants mangalsutra as soon as possible. Nimmi says please go and when dad will come then we will pay. Kaushalya tries to beat her. Preeti says her mangalsutra has broke and thats why she went to buy a mangalsutra. Kaushalya says why you did not told me and we does not have money to pay that. Preeti asks to sell chandrahaar. She says i have given that to Riya. Preeti says why you gave that to Riya and she also have right on that. Kaushalya becomes worried that Preeti hates them too much.

Mere Angne Mein

Riya comes and tells she did not find dadiji. Shanti comes with a baby. Kaushalya and everyone becomes shocked. She asks who is this baby. Shanti asks to take selfie with this baby. Shanti takes selfie. Kaushalya asks who is this. She smiles seeing Baby. Shanti tells this is grandchild of Raghav. Kaushalya says it means this is son of Shivam but who is his mother. Shanti says don’t mind and we have to consider him as heir of this family and he will perform her antim sanskar. Riya reads Geeta for Nirmala. Nirmala says dont try to tell me these things. She is having headache and she does not wants to listen. Sarla says no continue it. Nirmala says she has to go. Baby cries and Shanti takes out bottle and asks Kaushalya to bring milk. Nimmi says he is too cute. Kaushalya asks whose child is this. Shanti says Shivam is his father and he was also like this.

Shanti says she brought it from market. Riya says tell me one thing if she will have baby in pressure then it will not be gold. Kaushalya plays with baby. Shanti leaves Baby alone and go in room. Riya listens him crying. Shanti says this is her exam and lets see whether Riya will pass or not. Riya goes to baby and takes him up. She tries to stop baby crying. Shanti says Riya has been passed. Riya calls Shanti. Shanti asks for water. She says baby is crying and why she is not playing eith him.

Kaushalya gibes him milk. Shivam comes. Kaushalya asks how he came so early. Shanti asks to make Shivam meet this child. He becomes shocked. Shanti says she brought him. He looks at Riya. Shanti says she brought ready made child. Kaushalya says because of him she cannot show face in market. Shivam gets tensed.

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