Mere Angne Mein 27th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Shanti Sees Sarla And Nirmala

Mere Angne Mein

Shanti searches baby and his mother comes and asks where is baby. Police comes and says arrest this lady. He arrests Shanti. Shanti says no she has not done anything. Riya thinks to search baby again. She finds baby under bed and shouts that baby is here. Shanti runs and says its nice baby is here. Shanti says take your handcuff and she will not go to jail. Police goes. Shanti blames Leela that why she called police. Leela says sorry to her and says she cannot live without him. Shanti says after arrival of baby everyone became so happy. Kaushalya says its a dream for me to have baby in this house. Riya gets sad.

Mere Angne Mein

Shanti asks Everyone to go to rooms as happiness has ended. Sarla calls those kidnappers. She says if they did work or not. He says no work has not been done and Amit came in between and be beat us. Amit comes home and says he has done superhero work. Sarla starts beating Amit. Nirmala stops her and says he is elder son and why you are beating him. Sarla asks Nirmala to go. Sarla asks why you saved Nirmala and she sent kidnapper to kidnap Nirmala. He says you should tell me. Shanti calls Amit and says well done Amit and everyone was happy coming of Baby. Amit says its ok and Sarla takes phone. She says you dont tell me any work and you dont come to home now. She says you hide things from me also and you have not told me whose wedding was that day.

Sarla asks Amit what he did for Shanti. He says he did arranged a baby for Shanti. Sarla beats him. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make kadhi and send to Sarla house also. She asks Nimmi to go and give kadhi. Kaushalya sees Shanti. Shanti asks why you are staring me. She says you asked me not to allow Nimmi to go out. Shanti says then send Preeti to Sarla house.

Riya says i will go and give kadhi. Kaushalya does not replies. Riya asks that if she does not have any will of her own. Preeti meets Lucky and talks about marriage. She shows magalsutra to him and says you will tie this mangalsutra in wedding. Preeti gets call of Kaushalya. She does not picks up. Kaushalya thinks why she is not picking. She calls Nandu then. Lucky says he has to go now as he has meeting with client.

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