Mere Angne Mein 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Online: Shanti Gets Angry To Hear About Nimmi

Mere Angne Mein

In the last episode Ashoka was praising Nirmala’s food to make Sarla jealous. Shivam told Riya that he is with her in her plan. Riya said to Shivam that if anyone scolds her for hiding Ashok’s matter then Shivam have to take blame on him. In Sarlla’s house Nirmala went to Ashok with milk. Sarla told Nirmala to sleep in her room. Ashoka agreed to sleep on ground.

Mere Angne Mein

Shanti asked Preeti to cook food for 51 people. Shanti said to Preeti that she have to repent for insulting food. Kaushalya said she don’t want to help her. Ashok went to stall without telling her. Rani asked help from Nirmala in winning Amit’s hand. Nirmala agreed. Shanti asked Preeti to serve food to everyone first and asked her to make chutney. Preeti get little cut on her finger during cutting chillies.

Nirmala came to Ashok and gets tiffin for him. Ashok asked Nirmala not to come there. Preeti packed tiffins. Riya asked Shivam will he love her when she gets old. Riya and Shivam had a romantic arguement. Nimmi did decorations. Shanti sung song. Riya told that she bought bangle for Nimmi. Shanti bought some cheap sarees from a man and asked Kaushalya did she call Sarla.

Riya asked Shanti to show sarees. Shanti showed sarees to everyone. Sarla asked Rani to apply mehendi well. Sarla said that this time she was thinking to celebrate Sawan at her place. Ashoka came and bring Saree for Nirmala. Sarla shocked to see this.

In today’s episode Riya got bangles for Nimmi and a lady asks her why she got bangle for her. The lady says Nimmi is widow and she can’t wear bangle. Shanti hears this and gets angry. Shanti takes Nimmi to her room.

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