Mere Angne Mein 28th August 2016 Written Episode: Riya Shocked To Know About Shivam’s Job

Sarla says Nirmala you die and she made her marry to Ashok. Nirmala says she paid for Ashok and she doesnot need to show attitude. Sarla says i accept you gave money. Nimmi listens everything and goes. Sarla becomes shocked to see gate open and she asks Rani to close the gate.

Nirmala says Rani is not on any side. One time she goes to Sarla and then comes to her. Sarla asks Rani to apply mehndi to Nirmala. Nimmi thinks Shanti is coming and now we will see what will happen. Shanti asks what is she outside. She says i was waiting for you. Nimmi asks what was aunty saying. She says no i will not tell. Sarla listens Amma’s voice. She thinks from where her voice is coming. Rani says no she is not here. Sarla becomes worried.

mere angne mein

Rani says why will She come here. Sarla asks Nirmala to hide in house. Nirmala says this is her home and she wants Shanti to accept her relation. Sarla shouts and asks her to hide. Nirmala says she will tell Shanti about our relation. Shanti comes and Rani greets her. Shanti asks why she became late to open door. Shanti says you should open door. She asks where is Sarla.

Rani says she went to Ganga. Nimmi thinks Sarla has given good training to Rani as she tells lie as soon. Shanti asks who is applying mehndi. Rani gets tensed and says someone is dying. Shanti asks what. She says she is happy and thts why she thought to apply mehndi. She calls Sarla. Nirmala says now she will listen the bell. Shanti investigates rooms. Nimmi asks why you are in tension. Shanti asks this phone is ringing in home and you said Sarla went to Ganga.

Shanti says i will find her. She goes in room and finds no one. Sarla hides Nirmala behind Almirah. Nimmi searches and Rani asks what is she searching. Rani says come tomorrow. Sarla takes relief breath. Ladies taunts Riya about good news and says you have to give them baby as Kaushalya has promised everybody. Preeti shouts on Kaushalya. A child asks Shivam to give ball.

Shivam becomes tensed. Shanti and Nimmi searches rikshaw. Shanti gets hit by ball and she shouts on that child. Nimmi holds Shanti. Ashok comes home and Nirmala gets headache. Ashok asks what happened. She tells Sarla sprayed insect killer on her. Sarla tells that Nirmala was saying she wants to tell Shanti about all this. Ashok says till when you will hide this. Sarla says till Nirmala will die. Ashok says may be Sarla has to go to jail. Kaushalya thinks Preeri never tells where she goes

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