Mere Angne Mein 28th June 2016 Episode Written Updates: Chanda & Shivam Exchanges The Garlands

mere angne mein

Chanda meets Mohit and she talking . Chanda says about marry and all property is my,but Riya wated both together and she record video for evidence. Chanda and Mohit both were go but Chanda catches the Riya and hited with the wood.Riya’s cell phone was cursed by the Chanda and she say my marriage will tommorro its my promise to you.

Riya pick’s up her sell phone. Nandu is called for meet by the Riya and she promised she will not ask anyone.Chanda back again to Shanti. Chanda saw the Shanti about Riya threw the sindoor on me and saw i can’t marry with shivam but Nundu thinked Riya could not do this, Chanda was lying.

mere angne mein

Chanda says the Shanti marriage will be tomorrow. Shanti says Chanda marry happily.Riya trring to recover all data and calls.she talk with Anupam no me helped me for truth.on that time Nandu come and saw marriage will tomorrow. Riya tells about Chanda and mohit. Nundu was shocked.

Salra tells Shanti to give the chandrahaar. Shanti says Sarla don’t worry about chandrahaar. I will give tomorro to Chanda.On same time Nandu and Riya both are creating a plane for stop marriade. Yogesh says is important to recover all data. Nandu is trring to recovery and Riya says we gets the data till 10;00 am .

In the morning, Sarla is ready and tells Ashok is to ready,Amit says Chanda is my sister and kanyadaan is made by Nirmala. Nirmala says i will do it.Rani says Sarla they are give your place to Nirmala. Sarla will be in tension for that.

Shivam gets ready. Kaushalya cries and looks upset. she tell Iwill finish, she say i know you are not happy for marriage. Shivam says i don’t no what we happen with me,my papa is not there ,call him i tell about into my heart.he feel so alone and shanti says don’t neet to talk with papa. I tells  later all about what happen. Garland was exchange by the Shivam and Chanda. All the data was recovered in cell phone. Nandu asked Riya only one person stop the marriage, Riya says who stop the marriage.

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