Mere Angne Mein 28th September 2016 Episode : Shanti Tells About Ashok’s Second Marriage

Nirmala asks Shanti to ask Ashok what is her right to this home. Sarla says she is telling a lie. Nirmala says I am the legal wife of Ashok. Shanti says I will take out your tongue. Shanti shouts on Ashok and says why you gave so much freedom to her. Ashok says she is right and she is my wife. Riya goes to Shivam.

She asks are you angry. She says listen. Shivam shouts. Riya says tell me something. Shivam says it’s his life and he will do whatever he wants. Riya says do you know when you become angry then you look cute. Shivam asks what you want.

shantiRiya says I want you to be good. Riya says I was checking punching bag. She says lessen your anger on punching bag not on people. Shivam says what is this. Riya says we all are afraid of your anger and we want you to be like old Shivam who cared for Kaushlya and loves Riya. Shivam smiles and says from where you get all these ideas.

Riya says her friends tell me stories that their husband is UK return but my husband is jail return. Shivam says I don’t feel good when I see you all in trouble. Shivam says I promise you that I will be old Shivam. Shanti says I will kill you. Ashok says I did not have any mistake as Sarla forced me to marry her for money.

Shanti says you would have stopped her and informed me. He says I called everybody and Riya and Shivam asked me to show love to Sarla this time. Shanti says that day I came then it was all happening. Nirmala says I gave money to Sarla then I became married. Shanti gets too shocked. She takes up a rope and makes a loop.

Sarla says why you will die and I have done the mistake I should not have to sell my husband. Shanti says I will not die.  You will die as you sold your husband and people will accuse us. Rani says everybody knows as she gave a party to everybody. Shanti says if Raghav will know  then what will he think.

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