Mere Angne Mein 29th September 2016: Today’s Episode Written Updates, Shanti Gets Heart Attack

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla cries and says I have done the mistake and you can punish me. Shanti becomes angry and says I don’t know you and you are dead for me. She leaves. She goes and thinks Riya and Kaushalya would have to make fun of me and how can I face them. Riya and Kaushalya worry for Shanti. She thinks might be something wrong happened. She calls Rani. Rani says yes what happened. She asks if Shanti came there. Rani says there is a big problem. Sarla snatches the phone and asks why you bother us. She asks I just want to know Shanti came there or not. Sarla shouts that I am her daughter and she can come here anytime and she went now.


Riya cuts the phone and tells Kaushalya that Shanti went to Sarla’s house and now she has left. She murmured if Shanti knows about Nirmala. Nimmi and Kaushlya ask what happened. She says I think Shanti know about this.

Kaushalya says how do you know about Nirmala. Nimmi becomes shocked and asks do you know about her. Riya says yes I know about second marriage from the first day as Ashok called me. Kaushalya and Nimmi worries. Riya asks how do you know about that. Kaushalya tells that I took tiffin there and listened when Sarla was shouting on Nirmala that she has done mistake by making Ashok marry to Nirmala.

Riya says we have to look for Shanti as she will be extremely sad. Kaushalya says yes she will be miserable. Shanti cries on road. Sarla also cries. Ashok comes and says there is no worth in crying as what you did , you are getting its outcomes now. He says you are a woman who sold her husband for money and now has nothing left.

She says you told your son to be like you and that’s why Amit is like this. He asks her to see Kaushalya and her son as he is so matured and understands family values. Sarla cries. Shanti reaches home. She murmured everybody knew the truth just I was blind. She remembers scene and faints. Everyone gets shocked.

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