Mere Angne Mein 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Funeral Of Shanti

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla cries. Raghav gets angry and asks Sarla is it true. Sarla starts her plotting again and says Kaushalya is so clever and she is provoking you against me. Raghav says Kaushalya is not that sort of lady and she never told anything wrong about you to me. He asks whether yes or no. Sarla says yes i did mistake and she starts crying. Raghav becomes so angry and asks her to go. Sarla taunts them that you cannot stop me from meeting Amma as i am her daughter and i will meet her. Raghav says dont dare to step again and you were daughter but not now. Kaushalya says first correct your mistakes and ask Nirmala to go out and accept Ashok as husband then come back.

Mere Angne MeinTill then you should go and Shanti will decide what she has to do with you. Sarla says i dont know i will sit on road and see Amma from here. Doctor comes. Riya takes him to Shanti. He checks Shanti. Machine beeps. Everyone panicks. Doctor gives electric shocks to her. Heart beats gets low. Doctor sees her. He says i am sorry Ammaji is no more. Everyone gets shocked and cries. Kaushalya cries and thinks Shanti was so nice and helped her so much and take cared of her when she was pregnant. Shivam remembers how Shanti asked Him to do good things and asked to take care of home and take all the responsibilities. He remembers Shanti wanted grandchild soon. Riya also remembers how much concern Shanti had for all of us. Nimmi also remembers.

She thinks everyone dejected me but only Shanti supported me when i was in big misery. Sarla cries and calls Ashok that Amma is no more. Everyone gets shocked. Rani asks what happened. Ashok tells them that Shanti got heart attack and she died. Kaushalya says please get up Amma. She says she will not get up now. Ashok and Rani goes to Shanti sadan. Kaushalya shouts on Sarla and says everything is because of you and you didnot tell the truth and we lost our Ammaji. Ashok says we have to bring Raghav out of the shock. He had became a stone. Riya says we have to do rituals now.

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