Mere Angne Mein 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Kaushalya Knows About Sarla’s Truth

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla slaps Amit. She says this is over now and asks Nirmala to go. She puts her out. Nirmala says sorry but you will go from this house and she has no right on this home. Sarla says you go out. Rani says dont dare to touch her. Nirmala asks her to shut up as she will make her out of the house. Sarla says Ashok is her husband and no one can become his wife. She says you are talking in law language and she will also tell. She brings papers. Nirmala tells now Sarla and Ashok have been divorced and Sarla herself signed that papers. Everyone gets shocked. Riya thinks Shivam did not get gift for Nimmi and she cries. Shanti asks Nimmi to go and bring wooden log. Kaushalya tells forgive Preeti. Shanti asks Nimmi to write on board that this Shanti sadan is Dharamshala and anyone can come here and go. Riya says please dadi ji i went to give surprise.

Mere Angne Mein

Shanti asks Nimmi to write. Riya says she will not do like this. Riya thinks she is worried of Shivam but she can also not tell her about this. Riya tells she went to bring cake for Nimmi as it was her birthday. Shanti says Raghav’s job has been left and why she is spending money without telling her. Shanti says why she is telling her and she is giving her surprises from so much of time. Riya says its not like that. Shanti ssys Riya doesnot wants child and this was surprise. She cheated them and said she wants child but took medicines. Shanti cries and thinks who made that medicine should die. Riya thinks a new surprise is there but she cannot tell her. Sarla says this is nonsense. Nirmala ssys read these papers. Rani says give it to me.

Pari reads the papers in which it is written that Ashok is giving divorce to Sarla and Sarla is giving divorce to Ashok. Ashok says he didnot do anything. Sarla says not to become innocent as he went to watch movie and brought saree for her. Ssrla says Ashok planned this. Ashok says no he has not thought this anytime. Pari asks if you signed this. Sarla says she has not signed this. Sarla then remembers how Nirmala cheated her. Sarla says how can you do that. Nirmala says everything is fair in love and war. Sarla goes and sees papers. She takes papers and tears that off. Then she smiles and says where are your papers now.

Nirmala says she has many copies of papers. Sarla cries and Ashok handles her. Nirmala says what are you doing Ashok and now he is her husband. and she will not tolerate this again. Nimmi sees cake and becomes happy. Shanti then says Riya was saying she cannot bring child in this house as situations are not good then why she brought this.

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