Mere Angne Mein 31st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Live: Shanti Investigates Shivam

Mere Angne Mein

Riya gets a call. She cuts it. She becomes tensed. Preeti goes to her room and asks how was the party if she enjoyed. Preeti ssys now you know where she stands. Riya says you cannot understand anything and if elders scold us then there is good but she cannot understand that. Riya asks her not to come again in her room without permission. Nimmi cries. Kaushalya asks her to do work. Shanti says she has kept fast and asks her to being Dhatura. Shanti asks Nimmi to cheer up. Nimmi says do one thing and put dhatura in Sarla tiffin. Kaushalya asks not to say like this. Kaushalya says she is going to give tiffin to Sarla. Kaushalya reaches home.

Mere Angne Mein

Nirmala asks Pari to do service. She says she is owner of this house now and she like to live here. She takes out photo of Sarla and Ashok and tears it. Nirmala says now they both are separated. Kaushalya sees everything. She becomes shocked to see what is happening. Nirmala says lets make good dishes for her as she is the head of this house now. Sarla asks if you have bought things for this house. Nirmala pushes her and says you should shut up as whatever she will say that will happen in this house. Sarla ssys she has done mistake by making her as wife of Ashok. Kaushalya gets extremely shocked and goes. She takes tiffin and thinks she cannot take tiffin back to home as Shanti will ask questions.

She sees a beggar and gives her the tiffin. She asks him to eat whole tiffin. Beggar blesses her. Riya cries for Shivam. Shivam comes home and Riya shouts on him and says why you did this as already this house is in trouble and why did not he tell that he lost his job. Shivam says how you know that. Riya tells you were sitting and playing cricket. Shanti listens all this and remains quiet. Kaushalya reaches home and thinks whether she should tell this secret to Shanti or not as already many problems are in the house.

Shanti calls post office and gets to know that she has only fifty thousand rupees and she worries that she has nothing and how will this family run. She thinks she will make Bullet raja realise that he is the grandchild of this house and he has to take responsibility of this house as they brought him up nicely and now he has to give money to them.

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