Mere Angne Mein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Shanti Asks Sarla To Leave

Mere Angne Mein

Nirmala says that Sarla has insulted Shanti and slapped her. Lady says Sarla is so cheap. Nirmala says Shanti is so brave and she didnot had any answer of slap of her daughter. Lady taunts Sarla that she is so cheap that she did this. Lady says Shanti was so dangerous and she insulted many people. Nirmala says i am telling truth and She called Sarla but Sarla didnot picked the call. Lady says keep away from Sarla and take Rani with you otherwise you will get heart attack. Lady says Shanti will go to heaven. Lady says Shanti will rule the heaven.

Mere Angne MeinRiya acts strong and asks Shivam to take this flowers. Riya says wr have to say good bye to Dadiji. She asks Raghav to get up otherwise she will start the rituals. Kaushalya says i will make Riya out of this house. Ashok says she is doing right. Kaushalya cries. Raghav sits alone and thinks Shanti is saying that how can he be so weak. Shanti asks him to get up and say good bye. Raghav suddenly gets up. Raghav gets up and goes to Shanti. He says Amma. Sarla looks on. Raghav says amma all these are mad and dont play with me like this and you cannot go. He cries

He says amma this is big trouble and this will create confusions. He says many works are imcomplete and how can you go to heaven. He says grandchildren is about to come. Raghav says i cannot imagine life without you. He asks to listen to him and come back. He says he will also go with him. He says i will die too and this doesnot matter that two funeral will take place. Riya says we have to do this. Raghav says Amma has not gone anywhere. He says please get up Amma and tell everybody that you are alive otherwise they will take you. Suddenly Shanti shakes her head. He says why are you shouting. She cries. They takes her up. Shanti asks why are you shouting. She sees her photo and mala on that. Sarla says Amma is alive. She says i knew you will be fine. Sarla says i was pleading to meet you. Sarla says when you closed eyes then all blamed me. Riya asks everyone to go. Shanti hugs Raghav. Sarla says you were making me out and now i will come. Shanti says stay away. Sarla says my brother is with me.

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