Mere Angne Mein 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Video Online: Kaushalya Challenges Riya

Mere Angne Mein

Shivam plays match. Raghav says he is playing cricket. Shanti says he is neglecting responsibilities. Everyone admires Shivam. They gives him money. A man comes and says he plays very well and he wants a cricket coach who can train children. He says he cannot give money to him. Shivam says he will like to train children but he needs time. Shanti and Raghav comes home. Raghav thinks what will happen as Shivam has also left job. Kaushalya asks what happened and where were you. Riya comes. Kaushalya says she dont know where is Shivam. Sarla and Pari comes. Shivam also comes home. Raghav says he wants to ask question from Shivam. He asks from where you are coming. Shivam says from office. Raghav slaps him. Everyone gets shocked. Raghav says you left your job but not saying truth. He becomes angry and says you are playing cricket and not worried to take another job.

Mere Angne Mein

Shivam says its not like that. Raghav says after him he has to handle family and he is so irresponsible. Shanti says you have done everything and now prepare for govt. Job. Shivam says he does not wants to do govt job. Kaushalya asks what you mean. Shivam says he cannot achieve his dreams in govt job. Shivam says everyone do whatever they wish. Sarla says why you are taking my name. Shivam says he realize his responsibilities and its not easy to find govt job. He says whatever problems comes he has to listen everything.

Shanti says if your private job will go then it will not come back. Kaushalya says i will beat you if you will not do govt job. He says i will not do. Nirmala sits to do Pooja. Ashok says you cannot get love of him as he loves only Sarla. Nirmala says your relation is not valid. He says he doesnot care. Nirmala says doesnot matter if you will not sit in pooja with me then i will do pooja with your photo. Riya prays this family is breaking and please unite it again. Sarla says today’s children doesnot listen to anyone. Shanti taunts Riya that this is because of your modern thinking. Sarla says now she is going. Nandu comes. Shanti asks Preeti to touch feet of Nandu

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