Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Riya Is Not Ready For Baby

Mere Angne Mein

Riya panicks as Nimmi tells her that Shanti is coming and she has to clean all the mess in kitchen. Riya manages to clean and goes. Shanti comes home. She knocks the door and Nimmi runs to open the gate. Shanti shouts why she came late to open door. Kaushalya talks to ladies and asks why they make fun of her as she never taunted them once. Kaushalya says now she promises that she will not see face of Raghav if Shivam will not become father in one year. Ladies apologise and says to forget all this.

Mere Angne Mein

Shanti goes to change. Sarla looks at a necklace. Sarla talks to Nirmala and asks to give her a gift as she completed the marriage of Nirmala and Ashok. Nirmala says she has given her money before also. Sarla tells that was first installment. Sarla asks for Nirmala’s report and Nirmala gives her. She gives report to Rani and asks her to check when will she die. Rani says only one month. Sarla says fine. Shanti goes to kitchen and thinks now she should see what Riya had done.

She sees mixture of pulses. Rani asks for necklace. Sarla says you will have nothing now. I will give you later. Rani complains Nirmala that. Sarla is not giving anything. Nirmala says help her and get movie tickets. Shanti cooks and asks Riya to learn how to make. Nandu brings sweets and gives to Ramesh. Ramesh says from where is this smell coming. Nandu says he did not take bath today as Preeti hugged him as Lucky yesterday. Kaushalya comes home and tells the situation. Shivam listens and Shanti forces him to promise that he will give a grandchild to Kaushalya.

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