Mere Angne Mein 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Sarla Got Ruined

Mere Angne Mein

Everyone serves Shanti. Kaushalya says sit on swing Ammaji. Everyone forces. Ashok sits with Shanti. They all takes hee to swing. She sits. Sarla and Rani comes. Shanti sees Sarla and signs her to go away. Sarla cries. Rani goes to Shanti. She blesses her. Sarla goes home. Nirmala also comes. Bansi thinks i don’t have money i need to steal it from Sarla’s house. She goes. Bansi comes in uniform of Police. Rajendra says no one can identify us in these clothes nor anyone will doubt us. Bansi says yes i will steal everything in this house and we will fulfill our needs. Nirmala talks to Prabha

Mere Angne MeinPrabha says i will pray for you. Nirmla says Sarla is so bad and still Ashok loves her and does not looks at me. Prabha says have you ever been to parlour. She says no. Prabha says go to parlour and groom up yourself. Nirmala says no. She thinks its a good idea and why i did not think about this. Prabha says Men will always get attracted to beauty and he will go mad over you just change yourself. Nirmala says i will definitely go there and she asks her to come and she will handle Sarla. Bansi and Rajendra comes in home. Shivam gets angry and goes in room.

He removes his shirt and he gets stucked in that. Riya comes and smiles. Shivam says why you want me to do body building and brought that punching bag. She says i don’t want that but i brought punching bag for your goodness so that you can take out all your anger on that we will remain alive. He smiles and says ok. He asks her to help him. She says no till when you will ask me with love. He says Riya help me. Riya says this is rude and add more emotions and love. He says Please Riya ji help me. She says i will think. He says i will give best performance and take out my shirt. She says ok. She helps him and gets hurt by needle. Shivam sees to it. Riya says i will manage you should go. Bansi hides seeing Sarla. Then he comes out as constable. Sarla taunts him that what are you doing here go and catch theives as many robberies are happening out here.

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