Mere Angne Mein 4th September 2016 Written Episode: Sarla Blames Kaushalya

mere angne mein

Shivam cries and breaks house showpiece. Riya cries and collects showpiece. Shivam says he cannot do anything and broke all his dreams. Riya says no don’t think like that. Kaushalya and Raghav talks. Kaushalya says Shivam has not done right by not telling us the truth and he lost his job too then he went to play cricket.

Kaushalya adds that Raghav you should not have slapped Shivam in front of everyone as Riya was also there and its doesn’t seems good to slap as he is young and its not good. He will be ashamed in front of everyone. Raghav gets angry and says then what would he do, love him for telling lie and losing job.

mere angne mein

Kaushalya says you should call him in room and there slapped him and she asks if Shanti slapped you in front of me. Raghav says he has not done anything wrong and why will Shanti slap him. Raghav asks Kaushalya to come with him to Shanti room and he will ask Her to slap him.

Kaushalya says no. Raghav tells he doesn’t care what Riya will think but Shivam is wrong. Raghav says Shivam has to realise that this is his responsibility and he has to run house after him. He asks Kaushalya to make tea. Kaushlya says fine i will bring tea. She goes.

Sarla becomes sad and goes home. She says that she will to Shanti’s house for few days and then Rani has to take care of the house. Rani gets happy and ssys why. Sarla prays to God that everything should become back to normal and she cannot share Ashok with anyone.

Sarla asks Rani to watch Nirmala and not allow her to go close to Ashok and she has made legal arrangements. Rani says what. She asks Rani to approve papets. Rani asks for pen. Sarla days no you just give your thumb impression. Rani asks for money. Sarla says no she doesnot have money and if he wants money then she can ask for money from Shanti.

Nimmi says this house can be managed by Kaushalya. Shanti becomes angry and says Nimmi doesn’t likes me and wants me to die. Kaushalya says its not like that and leave her words. Shanti gives money to Kaushlya and asks her to give this money to Sarla and no one else. Riya looks. Nirmala asks Ashok to come with her for shopping. Ashok says no he doesn’t wants to come with her.

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