Mere Angne Mein 5th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online Recap: Shanti Shouts On Preeti

Mere Angne Mein

Shivam listens all things. Kaushalya cries and Shanti asks him to promise Kaushalya that he will give her grand child soon. He says fine i promise you. He goes. Ashok calls Riya and tells Nirmala is so desperate to go for movie and he cannot go with her. Riya says he has to do this to make Sarla jealous and its important. She says if he doesnot do this then he should not tell Riya. Ashok says fine. She cuts the call. Shivam comes to room and shows Riya the small shoes and says he wants to be a father and Dadi is also eager to have grandchild.

Mere Angne Mein

Rani asks Nirmala to call Amit and Nirmala calls Amit, she says she is calling a businessman and meet her in hotel. He becomes happy and says he will reach in time. Nirmala tells Rani that he is coming. Rani says she is going to be ready. Sarla asks what is going on. Rani makes some excuse and says they are going to temple. Sarla denies to go and Rani escapes. Riya becomes sad and asks Shivam how is he thinking about this. Shivam says she put Krishna photo on wall and does she want baby. She says no as Nimmi and Preeti’s life is not set yet.

She tries to tell him that its not the right time. Shivam says he will manage all things and become responsible. Riya says she doesnot earn and how can they afford all expenses of baby. Shivam tries to convince her then Shivam says he has already promised Kaushalya. Riya asks why he decided alone. Shanti eats Dahi wada and says Riya made this. Shanti tastes and gets to know that they made paste in mixer. She scolds Nimmi and Riya. Shanti also tells Riya that Kaushalya will not see Raghav’s face if Riya will not have baby. Riya becomes shocked.

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