Mere Angne Mein 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: Sarla Decides To Never Come To Shanti Sadan

Sarla cries and goes home. Bansi and Rajendra takes all the materials of the house and becomes happy. They sees Sarla and Rani coming and then hides. Rani thinks why this lock is broken and what happened. Sarla comes and cries. She says Shanti will never forgive me and i don’t know how to impress her again. Rani asks Sarla to keep calm and Shanti will agree for sure. Sarla asks why this lock is broken. Rani says i was also wondering this. Bansi and Rajendra leaves. Sarla sees lock and goes inside. She watches everything is messed up and becomes scared.

Mere Angne MeinRani says many robberies were taking place and we are destroyed. Sarla checks money but it was not there. They both cries. Sarla says i am not fine now. Rani says may be Nirmala stole the money. She says how will i return money to Nirmala. Rani says she would have stolen money and went with Ashok. She worries. Sarla says dont say like this. Rani says i cannot believe Nirmala. Sarla asks her to call Nirmla. She says i don’t hVe her number. Sarla asks to call Ashok. She calls Ashok. Ashok says what happened. Sarla says where are you. Ashok says i am at work. Sarla asks him to say truth. He says what happened.

Sarla says our house has been robbed and we are of nowhere. Ashok says what and how this happened. She says no one was at home. Shanti says Kaushalya wants my swing. Nimmi says no she was too worried for you and burnt her hand over diya. Shanti gets emotional and cries. She says you love me truly and i got to know this. She asks what Riya did. Nimmi says she was preparing for rituals. Shanti says it means Riya wanted to burn me nothing else. Sarla and Nirmala you stole money. Nirmala argues that she did not do anything and she went to parlour for makeup. Sarla says take your money and leave Ashok. She says give me fifteen lakhs. Sarla says when you gave me fifteen lakhs. Nirmala says i want that much money.

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