Mere Angne Mein 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Ashok Tells Everything To Riya

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla goes to Shanti sadan. Shanti asks Sarla to go. Sarla says Kaushalya taunted me then Riya insulted and please Amma forgive me now. Shanti says no you just go. Sarla cries. Sarla says my house is robbed and they took all money and things of the house. Shanti says you have created so much drama and i have nothing to do with that. Nimmi says Sarla has played such a big game and will Shanti will forgive her. Riya asks Nimmi to keep quiet otherwise Dadi will become angry on us. Nimmi says ok. Sarla cries and says i am telling truth. Shanti asks if i am police and why are you telling me go and tell police and file a case.

Mere Angne MeinSarla says i was going to give Nirmala money but someone stole it and now Nirmala is asking for fifteen lakhs and how will i arrange money. Shanti says i don’t know and you sold your husband for money and you have to get out of the problem yourself. She cries and says i was giving her money but i don’t have money now and i am asking you for help. Shanti says i will not help you anymore. I helped you always and you did like this. Shanti asks Sarla to go. Sarla says no i have done mistake but i am realising it and please forgive me. Kaushalya asks Sarla to go and Ammaji will forgive you later.

Shanti scolds Kaushalya not to tell when she has to forgive Sarla and Sarla broke their trust and she will not forgive her. Shanti says earlier you told lie that you have been robbed and now this time you are robbed for true so this is your punishment. Sarla says you cannot say like this to me and i know these people have provoked you against me. Sarla says i will not come here now. Shanti thinks she has no shame and wanted me to forgive her. Rani tells Ashok that Sarla went to Shanti sadan. Ashok says i asked her not to go.

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