Mere Angne Mein 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Ashok And Sarla Gets Shocked

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla goes to Sarla’s room and searches some special items and she thinks she should collect valuables and money from her house so that she can manage expenses. Pari comes and asks what you are doing. Sarla says she is looking for money. Pari and Sarla together searches. Pari asks for money. Sarla gives her money. Riya suddenly comes there and asks what are they searching and if they wants something. Sarla says its her mother room and she is cleaning it. Kaushalya asks whats happening. Sarla says your daughter in law is blaming us and this home belongs to them more and they can do anything. Riya says no she was not meant so. Pari says they don’t understand and blame us always. They goes. Kaushlya becomes angry on Riya and asks why you do this everytime and we have no right to stop them. She asks Riya to let them do everything they wants.

Mere Angne Mein

Riya says she was only offering them help and they made ut a big issue. Nimmi asks money from Kaushlya as she has to bring gift. Kaushalya tells that she does not have money and she has to ask money from Sarla. She goes to Sarla and asks for money as she has to give gift. Sarla taunts her. She gives her ten rupees in envelope and says give this. Nimmi asks what is this and Shanti also told you to give me money. Sarla says why you want gift as you brother and father lost job and we does not have money. Nimmi says you are sitting on Shanti’s place that does not mean that you are Shanti. Sarla becomes angry and says i will take out your tongue.

Nimmi says you have to give money. Sarla says fine i will give one fifty rupees but Pari will get gift. Nimmi taunts her that she will see what she will get and i will learn from her. Sarla says yes definitely you should learn from her. Pari goes to Riya’s room and searches for something to steal. Preeti comes there and asks what are you doing. Pari says why cant you shut your mouth as i am hiding your secret of boy. Preeti gets worried and says no its not like that i was just asking and if Riya will see you here then she will sue you.

Pari says lets go for movie. Preeti says no as she does not have money. Pari says don’t worry as she has money. Preeti says ok you should buy tickets and i will come. Kaushalya listens them and asks where are you going. Preeti says we are going to watch a movie. Sarla comes and says no one will go. Preeti becomes angry and says Kaushlya is so mean and doesnot let us do whatever we want.

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