Mere Angne Mein 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Sarla Worries To Tell Truth

Mere Angne Mein

Ashok meets Riya. He tells everything. Riya and Ashok goes to Railway station. Ashok ssys we will do everything to save Raghav and prove his innocence. Riya says yes. They talks to porters and tell everything. Riya asks them to support. They all agrees. Riya folds her saree and come in action mode. She asks Nimmi to call Media. Nimmi goes. Prabha’s husband comes and says i am union leader and i will also help you. Riya becomes happy. Riya says we should make this sure that no train should run from this station.

Mere Angne MeinShe goes to talk to Driver and TT of the train. She says i am Riya and i want to tell you that an officer Raghav who is an honest and innocent officer and he has been taken out of the job without any solid reason and ego of higher officer. TT says how is this possible and we will struggle with you. Riya says i want no train should leave from here. Riya goes and makes passengers out. They all shouts that we will not let this happen and Raghav will get his job back. Everyone supports Raghav. Riya says we will do struggle with Raghav. Ashok arranges loudspeakers.
Amit comes to Shanti. Shanti says how you came here. Amit says i didnot have time. She says yes you dont have time for my funeral also. Amit says no i know you will live long. He worries. He says i am confused. Shanti says you are confused that to support Sarla or me. He says no. Shanti says i will not give you anything. Amit asks if Ashok came here. Shanti says why he will come here. Amit thinks if Raghav will lose job then we have to lose the home. He says i am worried about Raghav and going to help him. Shanti sayz he needs help and go. Riya takes on protest she says innocent people are taking off their jobs and what will their family eat. Every officer listens her protest. A officer comes out. He says what is this. Raghav comes out and says what are you doing Riya. Riya says i am figthing for truth.

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