Mere Angne Mein 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Nimmy And Riya Worry

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla asks Kaushalya not to go to party and make food for them. Nimmi says she will not make food as we will eat in engagement. Kaushalya says she has made aloo puri and kheer for her and she is taking tiffin and bring food for her. Nimmi taunts Sarla that Pari had not brought gift and we will take gift from way. Nimmi says we will see what is inside. Nimmi asks why you did not wrote name. Sarla says no need of name. Riya says Kaushalya will look good in party. Kaushalya says fine and asks Sarla to eat food and they are going. Sarla says if she is watchman and she is going and leaving her. Kaushalya asks why are you saying that. Sarla says why you did not asked me to come to engagement.

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla starts crying and asks her to lock door and then go. Kaushalya says someone will stay here. Riya says i will stay here. Sarla asks why will not Kaushalya stay. If she is thinking she is owner of this house. Kaushalya says she will stay here. Ashok says no you should go i will stay here. Kaushalya says Sarla is so upset and she will not go. Nimmi says no her friend will be upset then. Sarla thinks that now she knows why Shanti likes to rule Shanti sadan as she can play with all as puppets. Ashok says you did not do right and Kaushalya gets less chances to go out and still you interrupted. Nirmala says she will show everyone that Ashok is her husband. Rani says what you will do. Nirmala says i will go Shanti sadan. Pari asks where is she going. Sarla asks Kaushalya to get lassi as she is feeling so lazy.

Sarla talks to Pari and says Nirmala is alone there. Pari says she is not here. She is coming to Shanti sadan. Nimmi and Riya reaches engagement. They talks about Sarla. Preeti says dont say bad words for Sarla. Nimmi says we should check gift. Preeti says how can you doubt Sarla. Nimmi says she has to see truth. Preeti says she will tell. Nimmi asks if you trust her. Riya says she is also doubtful. Preeti tries to stop them. Nirmala goes to Shanti sadan. Sarla worries that if Nirmala will come here.

Kaushalya comes with lassi. Sarla asks Kaushalya if she wish to go in engagement and she is not feeling good that she stopped her from going. Sarla says she has done sin and starts crying. Sarla says its engagement of her friend and she has to go. Kaushalya says no its too late. Sarla says please go. She asks Ashok to come. Ashok says if she does not wish to then let it be.

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