Mere Angne Mein 9th October 2016 Today’s Episode Written Updates: Shanti Forgives Sarla

Mere Angne Mein

Riya protests. Ashok supports her. Sarla calls Ashok. She asks where is he. He says I am at the railway station. Sarla asks Ashok not to tell anyone about her secret and she will do whatever he will say. Ashok says I will not tell anyone but come here. She says ok. Riya says this officer is targeting Raghav because of his ego and this is not fair. Officer says is it so. Riya says we have not given that quarter on rent and all this is a lie. Sarla comes. Ashok says his wife has come and she will tell the truth. They ask if you gave rent to him.

Sarla says no I did not give rent to him. Officer asks what this picture tells us. He says you are taking money from Raghav. Sarla shouts don’t you know about Rakshabandhan. He is giving money as a gift to me. Kaushalya and Shanti prays.

Mere Angne Mein

Some ladies come and say switch on your Tv. Shanti sends them. Ladies shout Riya is on Tv. They get shocked. Shanti asks Kaushalya to on Tv. They see Riya and Nimmi. Kaushalya wonders how they went outside. Shanti says may be from a window. She says they are protesting and see we are praying. Officer says I think Raghav is innocent and he will get his job back.

He says Ashok will also get his canteen back. Officer says we will enquire about Sinha. Everyone becomes glad and says Ashok did all this. They lift Raghav. Raghav says thank you all as you supported me. Riya says inform Shanti as she will be worrying.

Nimmi calls Shanti. She tells that Raghav got his job back. Shanti says I know everything. She asks them to come home. Shanti becomes joyous and says I will celebrate. Sarla says please forgive me Raghav brother and I am guilty of this. Raghav says I will forgive you but I cannot assure about Shanti.

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