Mere Angne Mein 9th September 2016 Written Episode Online: Riya Tries To Manage Engagement

Mere Angne Mein

Lady takes that gift. Riya and Nimmi becomes tensed. Riya says we will have to make sure that she will not open the gift. Lady asks them to have food. Preeti calls Pari. Pari asks what happened. She asks why you did this. Pari thinks if she knew about what she stole from Riya’s room. She asks you put plastic ring in gift. She says kill them both. If Shanti will get to know about this then i will go. Pari says please keep eye on them and manage they should not tell this to Shanti. Riya goes and takes that gift. She says please don’t open this gift as when her daughter will come then we will open this gift. Riya says please let her come. Lady says no i cannot wait and i have to see. She opens gift. Riya worried. Nimmi asks what we will do. Preeti says what happened. Riya says why you do always like this and you cannot help us. Preeti eats food. Kaushalya says lets call Nimmi and tell her that she is coming. Nirmala goes and Kaushalya does not sees her. Lady gives gift to Pinky.

Mere Angne Mein

Riya goes there and admires her. She starts opening gift. Ashok tells Nirmala is coming. Sarla asks him to hide somewhere. He asks where. She says hide in room of Raghav. Nirmala comes and says you snatched my husband and i will kill you. Sarla asks what happened. Nirmala says call Ashok now. Sarla asks her to see everywhere and Ashok is not here. Nirmala starts saying that Ashok is her husband. Sarla hits her. She asks her to go out. Nirmala shouts help. Sarla beats her. Riya says today is her engagement and why she is opening box. Pinky sees another box. Riya says start dressing up as boy will be coming.

Lady says may be there is gold ring in box and Kaushlya has so big heart so they need to see the gift. Lady gets call and says we cannot deliver food as there is traffic. She again gets call of parlour. She says she cannot come. She cries and says what will happen now. Riya says we will manage now. Kaushalya comes there and asks what happened. Nimmi tells Catering people are not coming and ladies also not coming. Kaushalya becomes shocked. Sarla asks Nirmala to go as Ashok is not here and he went somewhere.

Nirmala says if Ashok will not come in three days then she will tell everyone. She listens sneeze of Ashok. She shouts Ashok ji. Sarla says no he is not here. Nirmala thinks she has to take Ashok at any cost. Aunt of Boy comes and asks whats happening. Kaushalya says catering people are in trouble and ladies from parlour are not coming. Lady says you are insulting us. Riya says you ate increasing our problem. Riya says we will manage everything in half hour.

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