Mexico’s Stores Now Become Obama & Muslims Free, Puts Sign To ”Kill Obama” Outside The Store

The store had paste cautions as ''Bullets Not Ballots'' & ''Kill Obama.''

Mexico's Stores Now Become Obama & Muslims Free, Puts Sign To ''Kill Obama'' Outside The Store

The conflict between Mexico and America now becoming much clear with the steps taken by the Mexico state. Now the political conflicts getting clearer with many actions taken by the people in Mexico. The shops had put up several types of banners and add outside, against Barack Obama. This situation is now turning up as the fire between the relations getting massive.

The images coming from the Mexico state tells that the state has a great hate in their hearts for Barack Obama. This cold war between both the country is in updates for many times. A store named Mayhill Convenience Store had paste cautions as ”Bullets Not Ballots” & ”Kill Obama” and then they wrote care under it. Besides this, a store wrote outside that,” Obama and Muslims are not welcome here” also seems catchy.

Where else, many had taken this wrong and called it as a practice to make the relations worse, on the other side many others support this step to answer Obama. Later the worker of the shop Marlon McWilliams tells that they had banned the entry of those who comment on the shop owner for their racist sign. He said,“If you go in there and you offend him, you can’t go in there no more.”

The updates about the shops also tell that it is on sale and many people are showing their interest to but them. The media channels also updated that this steps from the shopkeeper side can call to be dangerous for the relations. The updates also tell that this might be the step is taken to advertise and to get famous.

Much administrative called this step violating the peace between the two countries. Ibrahim Hooper, who is the Director or CAIR National Communications give a speech about the same and had urged the shopkeeper to remove this kind of messages. He showed his concern and says that this can make the conditions worse. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds like this.

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